AS209574 - HEXNET 和谐科技网.CN

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介绍 | Introduction
a FrontPageCAT 感谢您的关注,这是一个由 BH1XAQ 运营的用于 HAM 的教育和科研网络。目前该网络已支持IPv4和IPv6!这是一个年轻的网络,一切正在筹备中,一切会变得更好。
Thank you for your attention. This is an educational and scientific research network for HAM operated by BH1XAQ. The network currently supports IPv4 and IPv6! This is a young network, everything is in preparation, and everything will get better.
网络状况 | Network situation
详情 | Details
这里描述了本网络的一些详细信息。Some details of the network are described here.
IPv4 Upstreams IPv6 Upstreams IXs
  • AS36369 - Limewave Communications(Lost)
  • AS36369 - Limewave Communications(Lost)
  • AS53667 - FranTech Solutions
  • AS209533 - iFog GmbH - BGPTunnel
  • AS3204 - xTom OU
  • LOCIX Dusseldorf
对等连接 | Peering
我们有开放的对等互连政策。I have an open peering policy.建议您和我联系时,先表明您的身份,以便我处理您的邮件。I suggest that you indicate your identity when contacting me, so that I can process your email faster.
网络维护中心 | NOC
  • 维护者 Operator : Xiao Tan
  • 工作时区 Time Zone : UTC / GMT +08:00
  • 业无线电呼号 Callsign: BH1XAQ
  • 网维中心 NOC Contact:[at]hex[dot]ac[dot]cn
  • 滥用举报 Abuse Contact:[at]hex[dot]ac[dot]cn | |

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